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A Revolution In The Field Of Skin Care - Acne skin care

Skin Care Tips

A Revolution In The Field Of Skin Care - Acne skin care

Those products of the most important posed this house in the field of formulations for the skin care, because it includes a three-dimensional system is unique, he can correct signs advancing age, and re-structure its fabric skin, to get the skin supple and young. The importance of the extract energy cell in the effectiveness of the three-dimensional, ensure supply and provide skin bio-energy Cellular Power and protection of the effects of climate and psychological factors that contribute to the acceleration in the process of skin aging.http://skincare.mee.nu/combination_skin_tips_-_guidelines_for_the_recovery_of_skin

So lose energy that helps to freshness and youth, and so run the process infected cells and tissues of skin weak, it also supports mechanisms at the same time renew the skin and rebuild its natural. In this context, explains by vice president of research development saying: »This is important progress occupies the source of the lead in the communication cell, which enters a long time ago in the heart of the research house scientific, and this is what led us to Work on the production of the treatment depends on the rules quite different from the former, would slow down the aging of the skin, through its effect dramatically at every aspect of skin care ». How is the three-dimensional treatment in the Abstract? The first dimension: Works first dimension to provide the skin energy provided by «mitochondria» which are also called «stations Energetic», which is the principal provider of energy to the various organs of the body, which reduces the energy with age, due to the factors that accumulate over time, so as to compensate extract energy Cell weakness and decline in this energy, by stimulating cellular stations Energetic, and ensures the flow inside the cells, the cells are re-mobilization of bio-energy necessary. The second dimension: Works the second dimension to ensure the work of communication cell, with the passage of time reduces the ability of skin cells esoteric work, and this is what leads to the deterioration of the power of renewal, in addition to negligence and lack of skin care and everyday situations that lead to a weakening of the power of resistance to the skin of these factors, are shown signs of aging. And here comes the role of the second dimension to extract energy in the cell that renews these cells through revitalizing the inner skin cells, which contributes to the natural regeneration of skin cells, and believes her shield to protect them from external influences and psychological pressure. The third dimension: Works third dimension to re-renewal textile structural skin, which is in the young rich collagen and elastin and hyaluronic acid, with advancing age, lacking these materials that qualify skin to cope with external influences, and protect it from daily damage, and become brown tissue of the skin is prone to deterioration, resulting in to the repositioning of lines and wrinkles on the face.


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