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How to Skin Care After Hair Removal - How to stop hair loss

Skin Care Tips

How to Skin Care After Hair Removal - How to stop hair loss

Complaining about many of the girls from the problem of the emergence of grain skin after hair removal therefore recommend a beautician using the herb lavender, which helps to remove the grain, so when you add it to the masks, and masks. Draws consideration for the use of plant, one of the herbs that work to incapacitate and reduce hair growth, and uses after removing the hair on the same day or the next day, so the benefit of the body, and the pores are still open whether plant or cream, put it on the body in places where hair is removed it, it does not matter rinse the body after that because the catcher is like water, preferably repeat the process four or five times after hair removal.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
 Advised prepare cream plant and lanolin after hair removal, which is a large spoon lanolin or Vaseline and two tablespoons of crushed leaf, put lanolin on the fire until melted, then add plant, and is raised from the fire and the volatility quickly, and then pour in any mailbox. Placed after removing the hair and leave for an hour or two, and then body before going to sleep, and we keep it for the duration of 4: 5 days, while for the cream plant and rice is used in the preparation of mask consists of a half a cup of water and three tablespoons rice milled with three tablespoons crushed plant and this mask is as follows put water on the fire until the boil, and then put the plant and milled rice in equal parts, and together so consolidating the mixture. Remarkable: You must use the Holy Once of his work and is placed on the body is hot or warm after bathing and is repeated it on the body for an hour, and is removed with warm water.


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